Technology Service and Support


Don’t let computer issues slow you down. Get prompt, professional service to help take the mystery out of computing, protect your privacy, and keep you connected with work, school, family, and friends.


Cure Technology Services provides a full range of support options - from emergency maintenance, component level repair, and system recovery to new system support and training.


Cure Technology Services can help you with electronics, whether you’re buying something new or want to fix something old - for audio, video, and more.


Whether you're interested in computer networks, networked automation systems, telephony, or wireless systems, Cure can help you with design, installation, and support.


Technology and communications are at the heart of modern business. You depend on them to bring you closer to your customers, stay in touch with your partners and suppliers, and keep the team together when business takes you on the road.

Cure is local, so we can give you prompt, expert support when minutes matter.


Automation can be critical for farm or industrial applications. Cure can work with your vendor to properly secure your systems and make process data available so you can maximize your efficiency and protect your bottom line.